How Can the Thing Made Represent the Maker?

Now, we ask the important question.How can the physical thing you make, an idol, even represent a spiritual God, “the Maker of heaven and earth?”[1] Many people say, “But the child idol is the image of the child Jesus.” But how can the thing made, represent the Maker? The answer is of course, No, it cannot. If you make it with your hands, then it is not God. For God is spirit. No physical thing ever represent a spirit Being. God is the Maker, not the thing that is made. If you make a thing a representation of God, then you make God a thing; but God cannot be made into a thing, nor be represented by it.

The image they have made today, being carried on the streets of Cebu, does not represent the Maker of heaven and earth. The child idol is not the Man Jesus seated in heaven today. The child idol cannot feel your pain, but Jesus does. The child idol cannot answer your prayers, but Jesus does.The child idol cannot speak, but Jesus does. The child idol cannot save you from your sin, but Jesus does. The child idol cannot give you eternal life, but Jesus does.

I’d like to warn all of us believers in the living Christ. We all can be tempted to fashion a form of God. We can be tempted to make a false representation of God. Some have created a prosperity Jesus. They worship a God who is obliged to make them rich. Some have formed a materialistic Jesus. They worship a God who gives them the material things they want. Some have formed a Jesus of love, but not a Jesus of judgment. They worship a God who loves, but does not condemn their sin.

We should be careful not to fashion a false form of God. Do not trust in any image of God that is not the God of the Bible.

[1] James Luther Mays, Psalms (Int.; ed. James Luther Mays; Louisville: John Knox, 1994), 366.


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