Kingdom Living 3: What God Has Joined Together, Let No Man Separate

imagesWe are continuing our series on Kingdom Living in Matthew 5. In Matthew 5, Jesus gives the right interpretation of God’s will in God’s Law. In Matthew 5:21-30, Jesus interpreted God’s will on the acts of anger and lust. Now in Matthew 5:31-32, Jesus teaches God’s will on the act of divorce. To obey God’s will on marriage is to attain the righteousness of the kingdom.

In this passage, God’s will on marriage and divorce is quite simple. Marriage is the act of God of joining a man and a woman. God is against divorce—the breaking up of this marriage. If a man breaks a marriage by divorce, he makes his wife commit adultery. If you commit the sin of divorce, you also commit the sin of adultery. The point of Jesus is that no man should divorce his wife. Marriage is to be unbreakable. That is the point of the passage before us today.

We will study Matthew 5:31-32 together with Matthew 19:3-12. The reason is that the material of Matt. 5:31-32 corresponds to 19:3-12. Let us now read both passages.

We learn four lessons about God’s will on divorce.


One thought on “Kingdom Living 3: What God Has Joined Together, Let No Man Separate

  1. Hello from sweden with wonderful the lord with us in our marriage and alot the year in togethers with alot blessing and care of God to be happy family in grace and our 5 daugther will be our thanskgiving and 10 grand children to joy daily with rich treasurer in moving on ,thanks and bless,in Jesus name keijo sweden

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