Get the Word Out: The Apostolic Mandate to Preach the Word

imagesToday, I re-publish in this blog my book, Get the Word Out: The Apostolic Mandate to Preach the Word (Cebu: Word of Life Publishing, 2006). (ISBN 978-971-93634-0-8)


We are living in times when it is common to hear people say, “That’s your interpretation. I interpret it differently.” It is refreshing to see Henry S. Trocino Jr. bringing sanity back to the interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Certainly, it is not a new vision, but a fresh restating of the method used by Jesus and the early Church Apostles.

Brother Henry clearly states the disastrous results of preaching that does not rightly
divide the Word of Truth. Believers will be malnourished, living in the shadows of the world, and lacking real spiritual values.

All who preach and teach His Word cannot ignore His commandments, as accurately interpreted and applied in this book. Those who read and apply the principles found in this book will become transformed Christians, who will spread the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

BS, MDiv, ThM, DCL, ThD, DMin
Chancellor, Golden State School of Theology, CA
President, Faith Overseas Mission, Inc.
May 18, 2006


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