The Season of the Charge: Deviating from the Truth

Deviating from the Truth. Sixth, in this season of falling away from the faith, false preachers “will turn away the ear from the truth” (v. 4). The word for “turn away” (Gk. apostrepho) is a strong verb. Apo denotes “off, i.e. away (from something near)” and “usually denotes separation, departure, cessation, reversal.”298 Strepho means, “to twist, i.e. turn quite around or reverse.”299 Thus, it means to turn around or twist the ear away from listening to the truth.

Paul is therefore telling Timothy, “In these last days, false teachers will turn people’s ears from listening and obeying biblical truth. They will cause people to make a detour from apostolic faith. They will make people turn from the direction of what is true, towards the way of what is false.”

298 Strong, Strong’s Greek Dictionary in Power Bible CD.
299 Ibid.


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