Kingdom Living 5: Turning the Other Cheek

indexLast June 4, 2014, Mr. Big Brother of PBB All In challenged Jayme Jalandoni if she will pose nude for a painting-for-charity. A few days later, the MTRCB (Movie and Television Regulary Board) summoned ABS-CBN to a meeting. Two lady senators, Pia Cayetano and Nancy Binay, told ABS CBN that they “crossed the line” in asking female contestants to pose nude for a painting. There was concern that women’s rights were violated by such a challenge.1 I saw that PBB is a bad influence on our young sometimes, showing them wrong values.

We do not pose nude or walk around in skimpy attire because of women’s rights. We oppose nudity and nakedness because God is against it. What did God do to Adam and Even after they sinned? God clothed them with animal clothing. God had to kill an animal just to cover their nakedness.

Now it is good that we now have women’s rights. This is the age of rights—women’s rights, human rights, children’s rights, and even animal rights. In Matthew 5:38, Jesus deals with personal rights in the Kingdom. Jesus teaches that the Kingdom requires us to sacrifice our personal rights. This is the higher righteousness of the Kingdom—sacrificial righteousness.

I’d like us to note two things in this teaching of Jesus.


1 “Pinoy Big Brother’ apologizes over nude painting challenge.” Cited July 12, 2014. Online: http:// entertainment/2014/06/12/1333970/pinoy-big-brother-apologizes-over-nude-painting-challenge

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