Love is Loving Difficult People

Pastor Isaac Butterworth tells of a man in his church, the owner of a local imagesbusiness.

“His wife was the most annoying woman I have ever known. She was chronically ill, and her sickness had embittered her spirit. She demanded almost all of this man’s time and energy, and she was never grateful for a single thing he did for her. She complained about life, and she complained about him.

“For his part — I don’t know how he did it — but he remained gentle and serene, and he had the utmost patience with this woman. He never spoke ill of her. He never sighed under the burden of her criticism. . . . If life had not rewarded him with outward happiness, he was deeply and inwardly joyful.”[1]

Brethren, that man has experienced the love of God. Because of that, he laid down his life for his difficult wife. If you have experienced the love of God in your heart, you will also begin to love difficult people with the same love.

Right now, ask God to search your heart. Are there people you dislike? Is there someone you hate? Are there people who do not like you? Know love as you have never known before.

Give yourself. Give yourself for the good of people. In the name of Jesus, give yourself for the good of people who don’t love you.

[1] Isaac Butterworth, “The Mark of Jesus.” Cited February 14, 2015. Online: sermon-illustration-isaac-butterworth-stories-sanctification-80909.asp

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