Belong to a Saved Church

Belong. The second thing to do to follow Christ is to belong to the body of indexChrist, the church, the community of believers. We see three things about the theme of belonging to the church.

First, we are to belong to a saved church. “So those who received his word were baptized, and there were added that day about three thousand souls” (Acts 2:41). Note that only those who received the Word of God were baptized. Only those who were baptized were added to the church. Conversely, baptism is only for those who believe in Christ. Church membership is only for those who are baptized believers. The first church was a saved church. Every member of the church repented his sin. Every member was a believer. Every member was baptized.

Do you belong to a saved church? Does your pastor and church believe that the church should compose of only saved believers? Do they require conversion to Christ before joining the church? Does your church follow the pattern of the first church—preaching repentance and faith in Christ, baptism by immersion, and then, participation in the church? If so, you belong to a saved church. If not, find a saved church.

At GGCF, we preach repentance and faith in Christ. We teach baptism of believers. We teach the adding of believers to the church. We follow the NT model of a saved church.

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