Become a Worshiping Church

imagesBecome. The third thing to do is to become a working community of Christ. It is not enough to belong to the body of Christ. We must become servants of Christ. In the first church, we see three things in becoming a serving community of Christ.

First, we are to become a worshiping church.  They were “praising God” (Acts 2:47). It is not enough to go to church. We must become worshipers of God. The word, “praising” comes from aineo, “to speak of the excellence of a person, object, or event – ‘to praise.’” (Louw-Nida)

Do you praise God? How do you praise God? To praise God is to declare the excellence of God’s character, God’s works, and God’s glory.

There are people who go to church, but they don’t worship. They go to church. Then they stand outside. They don’t participate in worship. I don’t understand that. You go to church. But you don’t worship with the brethren in church. Why did you go to church anyway? Why go to church when you will not worship with the church? It is not enough to go to church. You must learn to worship with the church.

Luke wrote that day by day, they praise God. We must praise God not just weekly, but regularly. We must become a worshiping church.


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