Become a Witnessing Church

Second, we are to become a witnessing church.  They were “having favor with imagesall the people” (Acts 2:47). How did they gain favor from all the people? I think they witnessed to the people about Christ. To witness is to testify to God’s work. They must have testified to God’s love among the people. They must have testified to God’s work in their lives. They witnessed to Christ’s power not merely in words, but also in works. They must have provided for the needs of the poor. (Ellicott) They must have shared their food to the people. They must have done good things to other people. Their humble and devoted lives must have impressed their relatives and friends. (Henry) They were a witnessing church.

One day in 2013, a fire broke out near our church building at A. Lopez, Calamba, Cebu City. Many people lost their homes. Two lost their lives. After the fire, the GGCF ladies group called, Dorcas, decided to gather their nice extra clothes, canned goods, and other food. They gathered all those who lost their homes to the fire. They shared the Gospel to them. Then they gave away their goods. We gained the favor of all the people in the neighborhood there.

We must testify to God’s work in our lives. Show how God has changed you by doing good things to people.


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