You Must Seek the Narrow Gate

19d669744e33d07ecf0e57fdbd5c0802.jpgThird, the narrow gate is found by few people. Note that in v. 13, many people enter the wide gate of destruction. But in v. 14, few people find the narrow gate of life. Jesus said the few followers of Christ find the narrow gate. The narrow gate, the kingdom of God, the way of Christ, is to be sought and found. You cannot find it by sitting down. You find it by exerting an effort. You exert an effort to seek first the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the will of God in your life. You do your best to obey God’s will.

What do you discover when you find the narrow gate? In the parable of the hidden treasure, a man digs up the soil. He discovers the hidden treasure. The treasure was so priceless. It was worth everything that he went home and sold everything he owned. He came back and bought the land. After he bought the land, he claimed the hidden treasure.

Are you following Christ? Do you live the lifestyle of the kingdom? Do you obey God’s will? If so, then you have found the hidden treasure of God’s kingdom. It is more valuable than all the things you own. It is so valuable that you are willing to give up everything for it.

Are you yet undecided to follow Christ? Enter the narrow gate. It is hard. But it leads to eternal life. It is worth giving up everything in order to gain Christ. But when you follow Christ, you gain everything.


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