Live the Blessing — Refrain Your Tongue

imagesSecond, to live the blessing, we are to refrain our tongue. Peter wrote, “For ‘Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit’” (1 Pet. 3:10).

Peter is an OT man. When Peter wants to teach a point, he draws from the OT. Here in 1 Peter 3:10-12, Peter quotes Ps. 34:12-15. Look at the word, “For,” in v. 10. “For” what? Peter says, “For this is what Ps. 34 says.” Then he quotes Ps. 34:12-15. His basis is the Word of God. It tells you how to know a biblical preacher. He draws his teaching from the Word of God.

Does your pastor preach the Word of God? At GGCF, we teach the Bible. We set a standard of teaching the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter. We want to feed the Word to spiritually hungry people. We believe that only by the diligent preaching of the Word can believers be edified, equipped, and empowered.

There is Hebrew parallelism here in v. 10. To keep your tongue from evil means to keep your lips from speaking deceit.

There’s a true story about a pastor who had a neighbor who had cleft (forked) tongue. He was standing outside one day. His neighbor who had a cleft tongue began to sing the song of Sharon Cuneta. “Cross my heart I’ll be yours forever. . . . There will be no other.” He was listening intently.

But this pastor was “daranon” (nervous disorder). A “daranon” is one who follows other people’s behavior. His niece knew this. So she shocked him by shouting at him. Then he replied, “What’s wrong with you?” with a cleft tongue.

Are you talking bad things about somebody today? Peter says, “Stop your tongue.” Stop your tongue now. Cease from talking bad things about somebody today. Be done with it.

The word “deceit” is from dolos, which means to bait the fish. The picture is about putting a bait on the hook. Aren’t you deceiving the fish with the bait? Thus, the word deceit means “trickery and falsehood – ‘to deceive, to trick into, treachery.’” (Louw-Nida)

How do you stop your tongue from talking deceit? By guarding your heart! Jesus said that out of the heart, the mouth speaks. It’s not what goes into the mouth that corrupts you, but what comes out of the mouth, for from the heart is deceit and evil. So to keep your tongue from evil, guard your heart! Guard it by obeying the Word of God! Read and obey the Word of God! Come to GGCF and you will learn the Word of God; and you will guard your heart!

That’s how you live the blessing of living good days!


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