God the Rewarder of Your Faith

maxresdefault“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him” (Heb. 11:6). Has anyone seen God? No one has seen God. God is spirit. No one can see a spirit. But by faith, we believe that God is there. God exists.

The verb “rewards” is actually a noun in the Greek (misthapodotes), which means, “one who pays wages; rewarder, recompenser.” (Friberg) It pictures a paymaster who pays wages. God is the rewarder, the paymaster of those who seek Him. The writer does not say that God will reward you prosperity if you seek Him. He is not talking about your reward. Rather, he is talking about your rewarder—God Himself. God is the rewarder of your faith in Him.

Note that it is God Himself whom you must seek. Today people seek a god made of human hands. They seek a god made of wood, gold, or silver. But the writer is not talking of faith in an image made by man. The writer is talking about faith in the God who made man. You must seek the God who is invisible.

Note also that the tense of “draw” and “seek” is present tense. You must draw near to God continually. You must seek God constantly.

A single drawing near to God is not faith. A single seeking of God is not faith. You seek God once a month. You call that faith? You come to church and worship God once a year. You call that faith? Truth faith is coming to God and seeking God continuously.

If you keep coming and seeking God, God is your rewarder. God will reward you by responding to your faith in him. God will reward you by satisfying your faith. (James Mofatt)


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