Faith Reveres God’s Warning

What was Noah’s attitude toward God’s warning of the flood? It was an attitude of 1 - 426214_10151219130600827_515189070_nreverence. “By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household” (Heb. 11:7). The words “reverent fear” (eulabeomai) means “reverence, respect.” (Gingrich); “to show reverent regard for.” (Louw-Nida)

During the tenure of the great orator Henry Ward Beecher, a visiting minister (Beecher’s brother) once substituted for the popular pastor. A large audience had already assembled to hear Beecher, and when the substitute pastor stepped into the pulpit, several disappointed listeners began to move toward the exits. That’s when the minister stood and said loudly, “All who have come here today to worship Henry Ward Beecher may now withdraw from the church. All who have come to worship God keep your seats! (Today in the Word, April, 1989, p. 22)[1]

Who do you worship? Who do you revere? Do you revere a great preacher, a good pastor, or great music in church? To revere them is to misplace your faith. Enduring faith is having deep respect and awe towards God.

According to Louw-Nida,

There is also a certain element of awe, which may be interpreted in some instances as implying even fear. The implication of such reverent fear or awe is, of course, obedience, and some scholars prefer to interpret these terms in He 11.7 and He 5.7 as meaning “to obey” (see 36.13) or “obedience.”

Thus, when God warned Noah about the coming flood, Noah exercised reverence and deep respect for God’s word. Noah felt reverential fear towards God. As a result, Noah obeyed God. He built the ark.

Did Noah see a drop of rain? No, he never saw any rain for a long time. But Noah saw the coming flood as God saw it. Noah believed God for that, even though he did not see it yet. So he built an ark. Noah’s obedience was the result of his reverence towards God. That is the attitude of faith.

When you hear God’s Word, how you do respond? Do you reverence God? Do you feel reverential awe and fear towards God? Do you want to obey God out of reverence for Him?

I’m afraid that many Christians do not reverence God. When the Bible is read in church, they think of other things. Some people don’t go to church to listen to God’s Word. They go there for other reasons. They fear their wives more than they fear God. They respect their friends more than they respect God. I’d like to call you to a serious kind of faith—reverent faith–Noah’s faith. Trust God in referent fear.


These are the first three attitudes of faith. Faith claims the future in the present. Believe that the thing promised is a reality now. Faith sees the invisible God. Ask God to open your eyes to see the invisible things of God. Faith reveres God’s warning. Reverence God and obey Him.

[1] “Who are You Worshiping?,” Cited January 24, 2016. Online:

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