Faith Intends to Keep On Obeying God

abraham_illustration_isaacHow did Abraham obey God? In Heb. 11:17, he offered Isaac. The writer used the perfect tense in the verb “offered.” The perfect tense in the Greek is completed action in the past but with continuing results. The action is completed but the results are continuing now. Abraham offered Isaac. His act of offering Isaac was completed but the consequences are continuing.

The same word is used twice in v. 17. He was “in the act of offering up his only son.” This time, the writer used the imperfect tense–“offering.” The imperfect tense means continuing action happening in past time. He was continuing to offer up his only son. The writer is saying that Abraham offered his son Isaac. But he was also offering his son. Abraham offered and was offering his son. It speaks of intention and purpose. (Donald Guthrie)

That is the attitude of faith. Faith obeys. But faith also intends to keep on obeying. Faith intends to keep on obeying God although it might contradict one’s beliefs.

There are Christians who say they want to obey God. But they are not intending to keep on obeying God. There is a difference between obeying God once and obeying God continually. We should obey God and continue to intend to obey God.


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