“Give Pa More”: Surrender Before Service (Romans 12:1-3)

1“Connect, Grow, Serve” Sermon Series

Today, I launch a sermon series on “Connect, Grow, Serve”—our 2016 GGCF Theme. My sermon series are based on three key NT texts—Romans 12:1-8, 1 Cor. 12, and Eph. 4:1-16. Please join me as we dig deeper into God’s Word in the coming months. We will learn about God’s plan on how to function in the body of Christ.

I’ve entitled my first sermon, “‘Give Pa More’: Surrender Before Service.” By “Give Pa More,” I mean that we must give all of ourselves to God first, before we serve Him.

Paul talks about serving God in the body of Christ Romans 12:6-8. In serving God, we use our spiritual abilities. As we use our spiritual abilities, we function as a body of Christ.

But before we serve God, we are to surrender to God in vv. 1-3. Surrender is the starting point of service.

That is what we have here in Romans 12:1-3. Paul is appealing to the Roman believers. The verb “appeal” (parakaleo) means to “urge, exhort.” (Gingrich) He is not commanding, but urging us to do one thing. That one thing is to present ourselves to God. Then he gives two commands—not conform yourself to this world; and to be transformed.

Let us study three things that God’s Word is telling us.


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