Diversity of Gifts in the Body

Icd0bfcaef23d96bb9658fd27ea22d051n 1 Cor. 12:4, the word “varieties” (Gk. diairesis) means “difference” (Gingrich) or “diversity” (Friberg). Paul repeats the word “varieties” three times in vv. 4-6—“varieties of gifts,” “varieties of service,” and “varieties of activities.” Paul is emphasizing an important point. In the body of Christ, there is diversity. The Spirit does not give only one gift for everyone. That would be uniformity. The Spirit does not give different gifts to only one. That would be exclusivity. But the Spirit gives different gifts to everyone. That would be variety in the body.

The church therefore is charismatic, because it has received special gifts. Let me say again that our church is not charismatic in the modern sense. We do not emphasize speaking in tongues, healings, and miracles. But we are charismatic in the biblical sense. As a church, we have received the different gifts of the Spirit. We function according to our spiritual gifts.

Being charismatic, the church is empowered by the Spirit with different abilities. All these varieties of gifts come from one source—the Holy Spirit. The church therefore is a charismatic community empowered with the different spiritual abilities that come from the same Spirit.

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