Connect with the Spirit

downloadYou are “empowered” by the Spirit (1 Cor. 12:11). You have received a spiritual ability of the Spirit. But where is your power connected? Your power is connected to the Holy Spirit. Hence, you must connect with the Holy Spirit.

“Jesus healed three blind men. One was healed when He touched him. Another was healed when He spoke. Another when He spat in the dirt and made mud. Each blind man started to teach that that was the way to get healed. Eventually they had a conference where they discussed the proper way to be healed. Blind people came to listen, and by the end of the conference they understood each other more. But the blind still went away blind.”[1]

The problem with many churches is that that they focus on the method rather on the Man, the Son of God. They focus on the power, but not the source of the Power—the Lord Jesus Christ. They focus on the power of miracles, healings, and casting out of demons. But they fail to focus on the Person of the Power–the Lord Jesus Christ. We should redirect the faith of people in the Person of Christ, and not in the power of Christ.

We have got to connect with Jesus. We connect with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. He is the representative of Jesus on earth. He continues what Jesus began to do on earth. The power of the Spirit is the power of Jesus Christ.

You must connect with the Spirit to access His power. You connect with Him by prayer and by obedience to God’s Word. You connect with the Spirit by seeking His power and wisdom.

[1] Tony Llewellyn, “Sermon Illustrations: Power.” Cited December 28, 2016. Online:

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