Older Women: Don’t Drink Much Wine

for_womenThird, older women are not to be “slaves to much wine” (Tit. 2:3). Actually, the word “slaves” is a perfect participle in the Greek—“enslaving.” Hence, it literally reads, “Not enslaving to much wine.” It seems that drinking was a problem in the Cretan church. Some older women in church were drinking. In reply, Paul emphasizes holiness. He stresses holy behavior—reverent behavior that avoids slandering other people and drinking much wine. Significantly, church leaders are required to avoid much wine, and thereby, avoid drunkenness (Tit. 1:7).

In ancient Greek culture, both slanderous talk and drunkenness were common descriptions of older women. But Paul here prohibits older women from doing these things. Thus, Paul is exhorting Christian older women against behaving like the ungodly women around them.

Older women, live a reverent life that shows your devotion to God. Avoid slanderous talk and much wine. In other words, behave in a way that honors God. Don’t behave like people who don’t honor God. That is how you impact this ungodly world.

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