Young Women: Submit Intentionally

Bible Study

Sixth, older women are to train young women to “be submissive to their own husbands.” (v. 5) The word “submissive” (hupotasso) means “subject, subordinate.” (Gingrich) Submission does not mean inferiority. Many wives are more intelligent than their husbands.

Three men were out fishing when one caught a mermaid. “I’ll give you each a wish if you let me go,” she said.

“Double my intelligence,” said the first man. Immediately, he began reciting Shakespeare.

“Wow!” said the second man. “Triple my intelligence.” Immediately, he began expounding Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

“Wow!” said the third man. “Quadruple my intelligence.”

“Are you sure? You may not like the results.”

“I’m sure.” Immediately, he turned into a woman.[1]

Submission to your husband does not mean slavery to his wishes. Rather, submission is an attitude of obedience to God’s will. The verb “be submissive” is a present participle, “submitting,” indicating ongoing action. It is in the passive middle voice, “submitting oneself.” It is to be voluntary submission to one’s own husband.

Thus, Paul is saying, young women are to submit themselves willingly and freely to their own husbands. You are to be intentional in your submission to your own husband.

Husbands, your wives’ submission is to be a willing submission, not a forced submission. It comes from the willingness of the Christian wife. You are not to force her or to compel her.

Thus, young women, these are the six habits for a happy married life in Titus 2. (1) Love their husbands and children. (2) Be self-controlled. (3) Be sexually pure and faithful to your husband. (4) Get busy taking care of the home. (5) Be kind and good to everyone. Finally, (6) Give your submission to your husband.

What is your purpose behind all these godly actions? Paul wrote, “That the word of God may not be reviled” (v. 5). Do it all and you will give people no reason to revile God’s Word. The verb “reviled” (blasphemeo) means “slander, revile, defame someone’s reputation (TI 3.2) . . . (3) in relation to the things of God, such as the gospel message (TI 2.5), one’s way of life (RO 14.16) speak evil about, revile.” (Friberg)

Love your husband and children. Be self-controlled and be faithful to your husband. Get busy in your home and be kind. Submit willingly to your husband. Then people will have no excuse to talk bad about the Gospel. Your ungodly behavior will cause the non-followers to blaspheme God’s Word. But your godly behavior will cause unbelievers to honor God’s Word.

[1] “Women,” Cited January 19, 2017. Online:


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