Blessed Are the Poor: A Reading Journey

The reading assignment is interesting—something that I would do for the first time. My task is to read Luke’s gospel to a poor person. I found one who was kind enough to help me. His name is Henry. A head of the family, he works as an all-around man in a school. His role in my reading project is simple—just to listen to the reading of the gospel according to Luke. Before our two part session, I was wondering if he would listen well, or if Jesus’ claims and promises might ring a bell in his mind. Matthew speaks of kingdom blessing to the poor in spirit; but Luke speaks of kingdom blessing only to the poor. I think the poor here refers to the materially poor and powerless people on earth, and not just the poor in spirit, as Luke has shown in his gospel. Yet I was wondering how Luke’s version of Jesus’ rule would sound to the ears of the poor. . . . more